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Download our licensed and secure quick-support module from TeamViewer for Support, Assist, and Interaction at it's finest.

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Use state of the art technologies to harvest the power of the cloud in your own business with extremely powerful, light load, easily customizable, and hassle free web applications.

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Own your business by designing your own application to cater for your needs, apply your workflow, and generate reports in your own way.


is a pioneering software company that started its professional career in 1979. The main purpose behind the companies was to provide solutions for medium to large scale organizations throughout the implementation of enterprise-wide applications, and decision support systems, specific for every consumer throughout his work domain. Since the foundation, the companies were helping customers benefit from all technological advancements by providing up-to-date and cost-effective solutions along with modern professional software. Throughout the years of business, our companies managed to maintain a consistent and expanding portfolio. Today, the Head Office is situated in Zouk, Lebanon. Furthermore, we offer programs ranging from classical personal software, to highly precise management systems.

In short, we create Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions for the information management of a business, dealing with financial information, manufacturing, Human Resourcing, Sales, and Services.

Our applications are made by a team of awesome developers.