Software Development

CGIA is a pioneering software company that started its professional career in 1979. The main purpose behind the company was to provide solutions for medium to large scale organizations throughout the implementation of enterprise-wide applications, and decision support systems, specific for each consumer throughout their work domain. Since the foundation of the company, CGIA was helping customers benefit from all technological advancements by providing up-to-date and cost-effective solutions along with modern professional software. CGIA offers programs ranging from classical personal software, to highly precise cloud based management systems.

IT Consultancy

Because software in general require a rigid infrastructure to perform at its best, we have gathered the know-how and hands-on experience to analyze existing IT systems and structures, provide the most efficient network topology for each system, find inefficiencies or security threats, provide data migration solutions, and provide the best software to match the needs.

Modular Services

CGIA's depth of experience can be analyzed in terms of both services and modules. Throughout all the years of professional career, CGIA was able to organize and automate about 500 fully operational multifaceted software programs for different companies. Some of the major client modules still under our supervision and maintenance include Accounting and Financial Accounting Modules, Inventory Control and Warehouse Management Modules, Full Detailed Production Modules, Assets Control Modules, Budget Control Modules, Statistics and Dashboard Modules, Payroll and Human Resources Modules, Consolidation Modules, Money Market and Trading Management Modules, Administration Management Modules, Subscriptions and Membership Modules, Audit Control Modules, Financial Reports Modules, Contracting and Real Estate and Development Modules, Physicians / Lawyers / Personal Modules, Advertising Management Modules, Utilities Modules, Hotels / Restaurants and Touristic Complexes and POS Modules, Governmental Modules, and Many Others.

Software as Service (SaaS)

Due to the fact that new technologies have enabled us to provide Internet ready and instant scalable software solutions, our clients can now register for the software as service modules. This means that clients can benefit from accessibility to their system any-time and anywhere, greater security than ever, greater reliability than ever, and without the hassle of purchasing conventional software then installing and configuring it on their servers and each user PCs. With SaaS the customer does not own the software but effectively rents it, usually for a significantly smaller annual fee.

Data audit

Data Audit helps customers manage data quality and integrity inside any system, which directly leads to better perception. CGIA with a set of specific tailor made tools and knowledge base in most fields of businesses can track all the data and make sure that the client achieves the most transparent results.