About Us

It is well known that the success of any project depends on the cohesiveness between the implementing party and the client. We do not claim that we know about the business more than the client does, but we do know that the systems we are designing has to support a business and its objectives. Having that in mind, we do not look at an implementation as a simple process, but for us it is a dynamic exercise in learning the client’s business, not only requirements, and designing systems that best support the business objectives. Our success is then measured by how transparent these systems are to a business, and what the impact is in terms of increased efficiency, control, and decision support information.

Techniques Employed

C.G.I.A., throughout a process of market scanning, strategic analysis, and consultation with its key customers and suppliers, identifies the region’s vertical market needs as a resource for the implementation of the new techniques applied.

In support of the above, C.G.I.A. is committed to provide the highest quality solutions to its customers along with affective support and maintenance. Moreover, C.G.I.A. emphasizes on the needs of its customers to ensure their continued success. Nonetheless, C.G.I.A. strongly relies on Business consultantship, standards, methodologies and laws, Local Market Experience, Vertical Market Expertise, and Internet aptitude in the course of operation, in order to provide effective services.

Additionally, C.G.I.A.follows a certain procedure of work called the A.T.P. (Analysis then Programming) procedure. The A.T.P. structure forces the company to complete all analysis phases before starting any programming execution. The above insures the final approval of the client for all the needed information, modules and procedures before the programming phase.

Business Consultants

​Throughout rigorous selection criteria and training, C.G.I.A. launched a highly qualified team of consultants. Each C.G.I.A. consultant has a combination of application expertise and general business consultancy experience. This balanced combination of knowledge helps C.G.I.A. to consider the customers situation from every perspective leading to a well comprehensive and integrated solution application.

Standards and Methodologies

​In addition to all Lebanese and foreign business Standards, laws and regulations followed, C.G.I.A. adopted standards and methodologies of its own. Those standards and methodologies are applied according to the project result expectation in hand. In order to provide fast, high quality software for customers, a Rapid Implementation Methodology was developed. C.G.I.A.'s R.I.M. was created with the help of key consultants and extensive expertise and market experience, and proved to be effective in all circumstances.

Local and Vertical Market Experience

C.G.I.A. differentiates itself from other competitors by its wide local market experience. Yet, C.G.I.A. extended the value of its service by expanding its expertise in specific industry solutions. Such specified solutions are known as vertical market solutions. So far, all accomplished projects were essential in the evolutionary process of the company.